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14-16 November 2017
The Westin Grand Munich, Germany

What’s New?

What’s New For 2017?

Now in its 3rd year, ICI Munich is Europe’s definitive checkpoint-specific conference. It’s mission – to be the environment in which scientists can communicate problems and solutions, share novel data, and forge networks to develop more clinically impactful checkpoint modulators.

This unique forum gives you the chance to step inside 18 of the most radical leaps being made in the development of next generation checkpoint therapeutics. See what’s new for 2017:

Greater Focus on the Translational Challenges

Recent failures have unpinned the need more predictive models and biomarker stratification strategies to determine clinical efficacy early on. As such we’ll be exploring advanced biomarker and diagnostics, alongside emerging preclincal systems that are showing themselves as powerful tools for the study of checkpoint modulation.

Greater Analysis of Emerging Modalities to Target Checkpoint Pathways Beyond Small Molecules

Despite immune-checkpoint therapy emerging as one of the most promising anti-tumour approaches, only a fraction of patients experience durable responses to single agent treatment. Given this, there has been shift to explore these therapies in combination with other agents and/or therapeutic modalities. However, these types of therapies are still in their infancy.

This year we will explore the extent of possible anti-tumour effects and toxicities of such combinations including the use of multispecifics, cancer vaccines, oncolytic viruses and more. has yet to be fully explored

The Landscape Beyond PD-1 & CTLA-4

Uncover the next generation immune-oncology therapeutics by investigating novel checkpoint pathways. Keynote strategic presentations will explore the areas in which checkpoint pathways will have the most impact in the coming years, allowing you to adjust to the changing landscape of this evolving field.

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