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27-29 November 2018
Berlin, Germany

Workshop A
Tuesday 14th November, 2017

15.30 - 18.30
Novel Checkpoint Pathways & Strategies For Combined Modality Treatment

Novel checkpoint targets are emerging as the next wave of immuno-oncology therapeutics. Gain an understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms that restrain the CTL response to cancer. You will be informed about the mechanisms of action of key co-inhibitory and costimulatory receptors as well as how they can be targeted to improve initiation and maintenance of a
tumour-specific CTL response. Furthermore, explore what is the rationale to combine checkpoint inhibition with conventional chemo and radiotherapy to improve tumour-specific T cell responses.

Join us to receive insights into:

• How diverse costimulatory and coinhibitory receptors act on aspects of the CTL response in a complementary fashion
• How regulatory T cells may impede the CTL response and how checkpoint inhibition may address this
• How we should minimise the likelihood for current and novel checkpoint inhibition strategies to fail due to tumor escape
• How the benefit of current and novel checkpoint inhibition strategies can be increased by mechanism-guided combination with conventional therapies

Workshop Leader: Jannie Borst, Head of Division, Immunology, Netherlands Cancer Institute

Workshop B
Tuesday 14th November, 2017

12.00 - 15.00
Turning on Innate Immune System for Durable and Profound Anti-Tumour Response

Immunotherapy has emerged as a transformative approach for the treatment of cancer, as evidenced by the introduction of checkpoint inhibitors for cancer therapy. Recent studies have highlighted a major role for innate immune responder genes, such as STING, and RIG-I in immunotherapy, via the induction of innate and adaptive immunity, which provide potent and durable anti-tumour response. This session will focus on these targets and therapeutic approaches.

Join us to explore approaches including:

• Ellucidate of the role of STING, RIG-I and other agonists of innate
immune responder genes for antitumoural immunity
• Explore preclinical characterisation and pharmacodynamic
evaluation of agonists
• Discern combinatorial approaches of pathways to enhance antitumour
responses to ICIs, and chemotherapeutic agents
• Discuss approaches for tumor-tissue targeting for selective antitumoural

Workshop Leader: R.P. (Kris) Iyer, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals, Inc.