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28-29 November 2018, Berlin

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Programme Partner

Personalis, Inc. provides genomic solutions to support the development of personalized cancer vaccines and other next-generation cancer immunotherapies. Our patented ACE Technology improves every step in the sequencing process, from nucleic acid extraction, to sequencing, to data analytics. This delivers augmented coverage of difficult to- sequence genomic regions that are missed with conventional sequencing techniques. This comprehensive approach provides data of the highest quality to enable the rational design and development of effective cancer immunotherapies.

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Expertise Partner

Fluidigm is committed to empowering the cancer immunotherapy community with research tools to interrogate the tumor microenvironment with unprecedented resolution. Using proven mass cytometry and microfluidic technologies, we provide workflows to identify and characterize changes in cellular phenotypes at the single-cell level. Whether you seek to target new biomarkers or to optimize the effectiveness of checkpoint inhibitors, CAR T cells or cancer vaccines, Fluidigm can help you reach your next research breakthrough.

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Exhibition Partner

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offspring bio

Offspring Biosciences

Event Partner

Offspring Biosciences is a provider of advanced contract research services, using state-of-the-art histopathological techniques, to the Pharma and Biotech industry. We deliver highly reliable and informative data for critical Go/No Go decisions, all the way from target identification and validation to early clinical development. This includes among others efficient tissue processing, multiplexed immunohistofluorescence staining (currently up to 8-plex), digital slide scanning and quantitative analysis in a seamless workflow on large number of tumor samples.

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